An INCREDIBLE Day of Baseball for SFLL!

Special thanks to Dick Adams (Atlanta Braves Scout), Scott Alexander (Kansas City Royals Pitcher) and Leron Lee (Former Big Leaguer) who spent their day sharing their expertise and love of baseball!

Dick Adams (Atlanta Braves Scout) talks to the kids & parents about keeping it positive, positive, POSITIVE!

 "Learn the basic fundamentals so you can enjoy the game.  Work hard, practice good habits."

Dick Adams expertly works with pitchers while eager SFLL players watch & wait for their turn.

Leron Lee demonstrates correct batting technique!

Leron Lee encourages his "big three" to SFLL players.  1) RESPECT: respecting your parents, coaches & teammates 2) LEARNING: learn how to learn 3) PRACTICE: work, practicing baseball

Hitting instructin from two of the best, Tony G. and Leron Lee!

Leron Lee gives SFLL players expert advice on their batting technique!

 Scott Alexander (Kansas City Royals Pitcher) explains correct pitching form to SFLL players.

Chris Nave (SFLL President) thanks Scott Alexander for spending his day with our kids!


 A BIG turn out for the camp!  Kids stretch & warm-up before splitting into smaller groups.

Dick Adams and SFLL Managers help athletes improve their running mechanics.

Scott Alexander debriefing after a FUN day of baseball!

SFLL athletes watching, listening & learning from the experts!

Justin Deme (Colfax High School Varsity Baseball Coach) helps an athlete with batting.

Dick Adams shares his knowledge to a great group of athletes & their families!

Scott Alexander demonstrates proper pitching mechanics: shoulder facing forward, knee up, ball out & follow through!