2017 - 2018
Board Volunteers  

 Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.

~ Author Unknown

Chris NavePresidentSFLLPresident@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Andy ShirkVice PresidentSFLLVP@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Stacie McNallyTreasurerTreasurer@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Andria SouzaSecretarySFLLSecretary@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Heidee HarveyLeague Information OfficerLIO@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Annie ClarkRegistrarRegistrar@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Tracy ShanahanCoaching DirectorCoachDir@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Devon LidenUmpire in ChiefUIC@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Nicole PaskeyT-Ball/Farm Player AgentTbfAgent@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Heidee HarveyMajor/Minor Player AgentMMAgent@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Laura KellerJunior/Senior Player AgentJrAgent@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Whitney IsettaSponsor/Fundraising AgentFundraiser@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Benjamin SatterleeSafety OfficerSafety@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Tracy ShanahanField (JRs, Minors, Majors) ManagerFields@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Andy ShirkField (Tee Ball & Farm) ManagerFieldsTBFarm@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Ben BrownEquipment ManagerEquipment@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Kim LaehleTeam Parent CoordinatorTeamparent@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Phillip MethenyConcession ManagerConcessionmanager@sierrafoothillsllb.com
Mike FredyApparel ManagerApparel@sierrafoothillsllb.com

2017 D-11 VOLUNTEER of the YEAR - Tracy Shanahan

2016 D-11 VOLUNTEER of the YEAR - Staci Low

2015 D-11 MOM of the YEAR - Heidee Harvey

2014 D-11 SNACK BAR of the YEAR - Shelley & Jim Richardson


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