* Applegate Ball Park *

Please park ONLY in marked spaces or in the lot at Applegate Ball Park.  The road between 3rd base and the Applegate Library is off limits to SFLL parking.

Thank YOU!


Please contact: Volunteer@sierrafoothillsllb.com

Umpires will earn $40 per game umpiring behind the plate or $20 for umpiring the bases.  Click on the Umpire page.


Registration for Spring 2016 Baseball is closed for TBall, Farm, Minors & Majors.  Juniors remain open.  Please contact the appropriate Player Agent (found on League Information/Board Contacts) for any registration questions. 


Little League International is always updating their lists of approved bats for use within the Leagues.  You can find a list of the latest approved/licensed bats (including a downloadable/printable list) on the Little League International website at:


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